The Fundamentals of Népra Quality

You might have noticed that EVERYONE offers quality nowadays. The most absurd thing is to provide quality stuff with cheap price. However, there is no such a thing especially in the textile industry. The concept of quality is such a diverse thing that it cannot be put in one sentence. Now, we give it a try and write about quality of clothing and thus, about the quality of Népra.


In clothing sector the quality is a sum of many steps from selecting the fibres to the sewing of the item. Firstly, the fabric is made out of yarns that consist of fibres. The fibres must be high quality so that manufacturers can create high quality yarns. The high quality yarns are needed for high quality fabrics. In general, the shorter the fibres are the poorer is the quality of the fabric. The longer fibres guarantee a better pilling resistance for instance.

At the moment, we know our supply chain until the fabric making. Our manufacturer in Italy has 50 years of experience in fabric making. They do the knitting, dying and finishing the fabrics in Italy. As described above, producing high quality materials would be impossible without thoughtful selection of quality yarns though. Our Italian partner has Oeko-tex® Standard 100 certificate that means no harmful chemicals are used.

Secondly, after successful fabric making process comes the designing and pattern making. It includes choosing the right fabric for right design. When designing the clothing, we believe that the function and fit are the most vital factors for the quality. If the item is designed to be practical and to fit perfectly, it will bring long-term joy to the user. The designing and pattern making processes are also critical to quality when it comes to the fabric. Why to design something bad that ruins the well-made fabric?

As you might know, Essi is our design and pattern-making expert. When Essi designs the patterns and items, we put practicality, comfort and fit first. Essi makes careful decisions about pattern, fabrics and sewing methods. It is important to us that they serve both the producer and our users.

Lastly, before the items are in stock and available to users, the producer executes the design and pattern with the right fabric. The quality of sewing is a significant part of the quality of the item. Even though we live in a world, where money and lead-time determine the efficiency of the company, we tend to have a bit more humane approach. We are making – as human beings – items for other human beings. When the people making the clothing are given the right amount of time and money, the value of the clothing increases even more than the increase of resources. Why to ruin a perfect quality fabric, design and pattern with disrespectful approach towards the clothing makers?

Our producer in Estonia has 15 years of experience in sewing sportswear. Moreover, they are a group of friendly people, who want to deliver as perfect quality as possible. They also guide us if they notice that we could do something better than originally planned. We call it a trustworthy partnership and functional cooperation!

This was a quick-view to explain how the quality of clothing is defined. During the spring we will go deeper into these themes though.




Ps. If you have some questions about the quality of Népra (or something else), just send as your thoughts. We promise to reply fast!



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