The Official Launch of the Népra Frog T-shirt

Some of you might be wondering why do we use other brands’ t-shirts as Népra logo t-shirt. Or why have we chosen a t-shirt produced in India? Is Népra supposed to be a European made brand?


Last week we told the story behind the decision making process. As we have already written, our world is stuff so we do not want to make just some actions. We want to carefully consider the actions we are about to make in order to choose the right thing to do. More thoughts about our values can be found here. And, we think it’s not our lost to admit if someone other is making something better than us – quite an opposite – cooperation is good for all parties! Pure Waste has a ready concept how to replace the traditional basic cotton t-shirt.


Thus, we thought that is better to pair up with another Finnish company than trying to invent the wheel again by ourselves.


“Being sustainable by producing through recycling the most ecological textile products possible without making any compromises in terms of quality.” Pure Waste


As we wrote on our last post, producing cotton requires awful amounts of land, water and pesticides. Clothing manufacturing generates textile waste that ends up in landfills. 15% of fabric is wasted during the cutting processes.

 Pure Waste is a Finnish forerunner in developing their own ecological materials. They have gained their experience in recycling through working with the topic long-term. They do not only reduce the demand of water wasting cotton but they also save the tossed pieces of fabric that would otherwise be filling our planet. Moreover, they call it upcycling, since the value of the material does not decrease as in traditional recycling.

They have their own facilities in India as that is one of the countries where to find pre-consumer waste. Moreover, they have an Indian business partner. Firstly they collect the textile waste. Secondly, they sort the material by colour and they refibre it and spin it into yarns. No dyeing process is needed. After these complex processes the end-product represents the same quality and comfort as made out of virgin material. Check out the Pure Waste video about the manufacturing process in India.


In conclusion, one t-shirt made out of Pure Waste’s 100% recycled materials saves 2700l water. That is pretty awesome – and now this t-shirt is available with the Népra Frog!


Ama & Essi

P.s. Do you still have some questions? Please contact us and share your thoughts with us. 


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