What a Match!

My internship with Népra has recently began, and I have to say I am really excited! Let me first tell you the great story about how Népra and I found each other. I am a competitive CrossFit athlete and I'm writing a blog about my crossfit journey and that is how Népra found me in the first place. Ama wrote me an email, told me about Népra and asked if I was interested in cooperating with them. At the very moment, I was at my my university sitting in the classroom and listening to my teacher talking about upcoming internships.

I have been studying Clothing Design at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences for two years. Now that it's time to find a place to do the internship, I've noticed it's not that easy! I feel it's especially hard for me because I want to work with a sports clothing brand. So when I went to Népra's website, I thought "Wow, this just can't be real!". Obviously, I wanted do a blog cooperation with them but I also wanted more. At first, Ama and Essi didn't know about the fact that I'm studying Clothing Design so they were as excited as I was to hear that. We all had the same thought in mind: "What a match!". It was quickly decided that I would do my internship with Népra.

As I am training about 11 times per week, I'm basically wearing my workout clothes all the time. At least it feels like it. Naturally, I find activewear thousand times more interesting than regular clothes. Over the time, I have noticed that I'm not so much into fashion, which made me think if the Design University was my place at all. So I have had some doubts about my studies and I've been even thinking over if I want to be a part of this industry in the first place. The world of fashion can be really cruel and bad, by which I mean especially the fast fashion and its ethical problems. Luckily, there is a growing hope for better options. There are more and more designers and brands with more sustainable values but yet, there are not that many ethically made or environmentally friendly activewear brands. And as I often wear workout clothes, this has been bothering me.

However, I believe changes can be made and this has kept me going with my studies. I've been dreaming of doing my own sports clothes or being part of making a difference in the activewear industry. I believe it is possible. My values together with my ambition and my crossfit background make a great match to achieve something awesome in the future in the activewear industry.

Now, as an intern at Népra I can already be part of the ethical movement. Essi, Ama and I share the same sustainable and aesthetic values and I'm really happy that I found a company I have only been dreaming of from my town. I admire their passion for their work and I think we will achieve amazing things together. I'm going to learn a lot about being a young entrepreneur and about the process of garment making from sketch to a real product. I will also design my own collection for Népra and I already have so many great ideas for that. You should stay tuned!


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  • Stani

    Hey and big welcome Elli!
    It is really great to have you and I am very excited for your ideas!!


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