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We feel that too often men are left out when it comes to the looks or fit during the training. So, we decided that we will do the best we can to change this kind of unnecessary attitude! 

Lets talk about why Népra is the right choice for you as a man.

For us as a brand, for Essi as a clothing engineer and for our Estonian producer as a high quality manufacturer, no item enters the store until we have made sure and tested that the pattern and the design work. 

Essi uses hours for pattern making and she makes the first prototypes by herself to see the result. You might think that “oh well, but you are so young - how should you know?”. We are lucky to have such a qualified partner in Estonia. They do not take anything in production before they double check our patterns and they make their own prototypes as well when necessary. And, practice is the best teacher too!

So, as Népra wear is created from the engineering point of view the first focus is on functionality, fit and freedom of movement (leave the boys be). However, we do want our clothing to look good as well! And, by looking at these awesome photos taken by our talented photographer Julius Töyrylä, we guess we have done quite a good job. 

The clothing looks so neat that you can wear it on free time too! Just put a free time shirt with the shorts and you’ll have the perfect summer look. And if your summer day ends up to the beach - no worries! The shorts can be used in see water and pool too. Can it get better? 

The first focus is on functionality, fit and freedom of movement
- leave the boys be.

Yes! So, perfectly engineered. Looks good. Multitasking. But, they FEEL amazing too. The fabrics are so light and soft (especially the Mars t-shirt is appreciated because of the softness) that you can’t believe it. You must try it and feel it by yourself. 

And one final point, Népra activewear is European made. By choosing Népra, you are choosing local brand, local product and supporting fair wages. Even though for us this is a norm, by looking at the textile industry it is far from being the normal way of doing. 


You made to the end! Do you have some questions or worries? Just drop us a line!


You want to try the Népra men's wear - here is the link to our webstore



Ama & Essi & Elli


Ps. If you are still in doubt, check the product reviews under the product descriptions



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