It looks like a perfect match!

Ama got the idea in the end of February 2015 while she really wanted to create something own and meaningful to do for a living. After circling with her thoughts, the vision for an ethical & sustainable activewear brand for intensive sports and active lifestyle was crystal clear in her head. Thus, she could bring her passion for sustainable business and holistic training all together.

Ama had absolutely no clue about clothing business – at all. She made her research though and it came clearer and clearer that Népra is needed. Our team was born in May last year when Ama found Essi – or Essi found Ama. We did not know each other before May. But Essi was exactly the missing piece of Népra. She feels passion for clothing, fashion and fabrics so she has it all what Ama doesn't.

We still don’t quite know how it all happened but after we two got together nothing could stop us. We just have been keeping going forward and making it happen. 


Ama & Essi



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