Népra on its way launching

In June, we really started our journey together. We also signed up to Protomo, which helps start-up projects to become companies.

Obviously, our work consisted of getting known to each other and defining what Népra is. We believe that creating the fundament was an essential part of our work in the beginning. We wanted right from the start to be more than a sport clothing provider. Népra is a lifestyle brand with a vision and modern values but that also goes back to roots.

The summer 2015 was time for the first drafts and prototypes. We searched for the right partners for manufacturing. Essi made our adorable Népra frog logo! After lots of background work, step-by-step we got more and more concrete things to show: the logo, the first Estonian made prototypes and so on. After more than half a year planning it felt amazing to really see and touch the results! Népra was closer to be something real and now also the more sceptical family members and friends started to see that we did not only dreamed – we really made things happen.

Finally, 11.11.2015 we were ready to found the company and start testing the plan in reality. We believe in baby steps and we wanted to start with a pilot pre-sales campaign to test all the processes and our online store. We feel pure gratitude for our pre-buyers, who had the courage to buy online from a new brand and help Népra to get started! ;)


Ama & Essi






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