Who are these powerful ladies together?

As mentioned in previous posts, we Essi and Ama have known each other only as long as we have been working together. We are still quite amazed by how well things go forward and how from the very beginning it felt like we have known each other forever. 

Even though the idea of Népra was Ama's first, the minute Essi hopped in it became our idea. Népra would be nothing without both of us.

We have pretty much divided the work according to our knowledge. Essi has spent hours to make our products near to be perfect (nothing is perfect and everything can be improved) and to find the best suitable materials for the first collection. Essi is a visual wizard and amazingly competent with details. Ama developed the business model and plans in general. She love to write, organize and coordinate. She could say she's good with the big picture and seeing the future. Thus, our team works! Our strengths and weaknesses complete each other. We can be sure that the stuff will be done as promised.

Although everything might seem perfect, we want to make clear that it has been a journey with lots of work including mistakes and learning from them. However, we have a crystal clear vision where we are going and the determination to take actions towards our goals.


Ama & Essi




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