Népra Saturnus Tights

You know the trouble of finding a good pair of jeans? We think that tights are a bit like jeans. Finding a perfect pair is hard but once you find it, you will probably think it was worth the trouble.

We would like to say a few words about our tights and how they are designed and made. Generally speaking, tights are like leggings. There is basically no air between your skin and the pants. This means that the sizing needs to be fitting. Every knitted fabric, if you keep stretching it, is transparent. Moreover, knitted fabrics are commonly used in leggings and tights. These two facts together cause the widely discussed transparency issues of tights.

Népra Saturnus tights are our first training leggings for women. They are tight-fit ankle length. The material is very elastic, ultra soft and that’s why comfortable. They are breathable and allow the diversity of movements without distractions. Notice that, although the fabric has technical qualities, the Saturnus tights are not compression tights, so if you really like the compression feeling, they might not be your cup of tee.

We have been in testing the tights since September and although the diligent use and washing they haven’t lost their colour or shape. After talking about Népra Saturnus tights with our current users we have discovered that some of them have had transparency problems when bending over. The fabric weight itself is quite standard to the other tights on the market. But, while the material is extremely elastic it keeps on stretching along every movement you make. This is exactly why they are SO comfortable. And everyone agrees on that!

Every body is different though and the suitability depends also on the type of training you make. According to our feedback the tights fit ideally for the gym and dancing classes. Ama has been using them in cross training as well. Because of the simple but stylish design they are perfect on free time too. Essi likes to use them instead of basic leggings with a long shirt or a tunic. We can also imagine that they are the perfect long-missed pants to wear when travelling. Because of the soft fabric and high waistband, they are unbelievable pleasant on the skin. As an example of Essi’s thoughtful pattern making, the elastic band is designed only on the backside of the waistband, which makes it truly more pleasant for your belly than a full round band. Moreover, they dry very fast after washing!

Thus, we can guarantee that our Saturnus Tights are one of the most comfortable pants you’ve ever tried.


Ama & Essi

P.s. Please do not hesitate to contact us when there are more questions about the products (or anything). 


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