Népra Neptunus Shorts

As with tights, the trouble of finding the perfect fitting shorts can also be problematic. Many men who stand for holistic wellbeing and train a lot have big leg muscles but narrow waist. This causes trouble when trying to find a good pair of bottoms.

We believe that a good pair of training shorts should be designed in a way that they do not disturb the training; they stay in place and do not pull while doing variable movements. You really shouldn’t notice them at all since all you want to do is to enjoy your training or leisure.

Népra Neptunus shorts are the first training shorts for men that we have designed. According to our feedback this far the shorts are awesome. Especially the feeling of the fabric has received a positive response. The material we have chosen is ultra lightweight and breathable technical fabric. Essi has also succeeded in making the pockets large enough. For some users the waistband has been a bit loose as for the others it is perfectly fine. As we wrote that finding a perfect pair of tights might be tricky, so it is with shorts as well. Every body is different!

However, the stretching fabric is perfect when it comes to training that requires lots of different kinds of movements. According to one of our user review Neptunus shorts do not pull as some other shorts on the market e.g. when doing kettle bell swings. Many of the users have also been surprised how amazing they are to wear. Just as we promise, they feel like nothing at all.

The shorts have been used in variable trainings such as gym training, floor ball and cross training. Moreover, we are looking forward to the summer season since the material we have chosen has some special qualities. The fabric resists chlorine and sea water. Thus, you can use the shorts for swimming.  They dry very quickly and they protect the skin form UV light. Because of the simple and neat looking design the shorts are just great during the free time as well. These abilities make Neptunus shorts awesome during the travels! 


Ama & Essi

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