Népra Venus Top

We wanted to combine technical materials, ethical production and the good-look in a same top. The Venus top is our first Népra top for the ladies. Our aim was to design a top that fits the hardest training conditions but that is attractive too. The top has a flattering cut to fit the feminine body. We put a special thought on the waistline fit and thus, the Venus top lands beautifully on the waist. The open back makes it possible to play with different kinds of styles. Depending on the type and colour of your sports bra, you may create extremely joyous colourful combinations or you can keep it simple and cool – you decide.


The fabric is technical material and ideal for sportswear. It is breathable and incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. Moreover, the fabric is static-free. The material is a bit thicker as the others currently used in the market. However, the top itself does not feel heavy once wearing it. The specific fibre technique makes the fabric extremely long-lasting, which makes it possible for you to enjoy using the item long-term or to give it forward once it has served you a certain time.



We have been using the top in versatile trainings since last September and the response has been positive among the current users. The feeling on the skin is pleasant. Furthermore, the design is highly liked and as a great advantage it stays in place too.


 We wish you a wonderful day!


Ama & Essi

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