Népra Mars T-shirt

As in the other products, we wanted to bring together the Scandinavian minimalism, ethical production and technical features of active wear. As a result, there is the Népra Mars T-shirt, which is our first training t-shirt for men. Once wearing the t-shirt you can notice the trick of the design, which might seem inconspicuous at the first sight. It will surprise you - the shirt simply looks and feels amazing.

In the pattern making the focus was on practicality: the t-shirt must suit the hardest trainings but it should be simple enough for the free time as well. The Mars t-shirt is a slim fit t-shirt with round neckline. It has raglan sleeves for extra comfort and range of movement. As other products too, we have been using the t-shirt since September. The feedback from the current users is positive: the t-shirt dries quickly and stays in place when training.


As the material is the same as in Venus top it feels thicker when compared to many other t-shirts. However, once you put in on, you won’t notice the difference. In fact, the fabric feels soft and comfortable on the skin. The material is breathable technical material and it has an excellent shape recovery. Even after many washes it won’t lose it’s shape. The material has a specific fibre technique makes the shirt a long-lasting training buddy. Thus, Mars t-shirt fits perfectly the more demanding training sessions as well.




Ama & Essi

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