Obsessed with Holistic Wellbeing

I have sat down at least ten times to write about Népra and holistic wellbeing. It wasn’t until yesterday when I saw Ella Elers’ photo with the following text when I got the flow.

“You know guys, I have stopped exercising, working out and training. It is just so damn boring way to view movement and health. Instead nowadays I'm living, playing, flowing, dancing, moving the way my body wants me to move (which some days means I just move to fridge or to buy ice cream, which in my opinion is super awesome option too) and this new perspective is just WICKED. Very highly recommended.” – Ella Elers

Through the years I’ve been more or less sporty = doing sport but I never really felt good and satisfied. Feeling not being enough is the "easier" choice than to choose to love yourself.  

Nevertheless, I used to swim and be a swimming teacher to children (I loved to teach!). I have run half marathon twice so I used to run 4 to 5 times per week. I have tried Les Mills classes – did that for a year or so. I bought a gym card a few times but I found going there was SO boring that couldn’t do it more than three months. I hated the machines and did not know what else to do. I used to do some dancing classes too. I have tried Parkour but I felt it was hard to begin with since my body awareness was so poor mainly because of doing just cardio.

It's been a journey of searching something I have been unable to define.

Approximately five years ago I found yoga and have been practicing it more or less regularly by myself. I see that it was the beginning of my journey to find my definition to holistic training and thus wellbeing. However, the real turning point was when I moved to Germany and tried CrossFit almost two and half years ago. The diversity tempts me - to use and challenge your body in millions of different ways. There is always something new to try out and learn (never stop learning!). Moreover, we as human beings are meant to move themselves! I do not care about the hype or the name. The fact how much I can lift or what skills I have learnt, do not define me - not even how well or bad I’ve done in the two competitions I’ve attended to. This all just does not matter.

I enjoy the diversity of movement. I am grateful for how much I have learnt through these two years. I am happy cause I know how much body awareness I’ve gained. Obviously, there is still plenty of space to go forward. However, the longer I have done this sport the less I have sticked to the plan and the more I have moved how my body has told me to move.

I have gained "the level of fitness” that allows me to trust my body to know what to do. And what is this level of fitness?

I guess it is exactly the level you define for yourself: the level where YOU feel good, balanced and sexy. The only comparison you have, is the person that you were yesterday. That holds the truth in every aspect in life - not just training. 


So lets all forget the old boring descriptions: exercising, working out and training.

Lets all LIVE, PLAY, FLOW and DANCE. Lets LOVE our bodies just like they are and lets be good to ourselves.

Peace and have a beautiful day!



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