Népra Shipping & Return Policies

As you all are aware, we are a new brand and obviously, we are not able to figure it all out at once. Now, however, we have sat down and rethought the shipping policies and decided to make some changes. 

We understand that we are a new active wear provider. From the user point of view, it takes actually a lot of effort to purchase from a new clothing brand - especially online. Even though the brand is cool and everything seems right, there are lots of things to consider. Is the size and fit right for me? How about the shipping? How much does it cost? And what about the other terms and conditions? Do I need to pay for return? Moreover, you need to get known to the new order and payment process. As you can see, there are huge amount of things to do just for purchasing a new shirt! So, we wanted to give it a try and help you a bit by taking some risk away from you.

We offer free shipping once the chart is above 120€. From now on we also pay for the returns. Obviously, we want you to be happy with the items but if you decide to change or return the purchased item, we pay the economy return cost. Once you leave the package to your nearest post office, the stamp will show the cost of the delivery. We still deliver only inside Europe, so that has not changed. You can read more about the terms and conditions here.

We hope these changes make things a bit clearer. If you have any questions about the new policies or something else, just drop us a line. We love to hear from you!



Ps. The sizing is based on Scandinavian and German sizing. You can find our size guide here.



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