A new intern in the house!

One day, in the beginning of April, Ama received an email from a young lady called Suvi. She was writing about her interest in an internship at Népra. Suvi had never heard about a sustainable activewear brand before but it matched with her values about knowing the origin of her clothes. 

Suvi was back then making a semester abroad in Reutlingen when Ama and Suvi agreed on to meet there. That was also the day when Ama drove a wrong train and ended up traveling 6 hours with 8 different trains… 

However, lets come back to Suvi. Suvi is a very modest, patient and a little bit silent person, which makes her good at concentrating on the essential. When Ama and Suvi met, Suvi told Ama that she has passion for pattern making and that she would like to learn those skills further as well. Suvi has a strong background in textile and clothing field due to her studies. She made a double degree from upper secondary school and vocational school as a dress maker. Now she is studying to be a textile and clothing engineer as Essi is. 

Suvi is also very international. After the upper secondary school, she was working as an au-pair in Switzerland for two years. She learnt some German and when starting in a Lahti University of Applied Sciences, she decided to make a semester abroad in Germany. She ended up being a whole year in Reutlingen without visiting home. 


We all share a passion for sustainable clothing and holistic wellbeing. Suvi has been playing Lacrosse for a few years now mainly in Lahti, but also in Reutlingen, and actually last weekend they got silver in the Finnish Championship. Pretty impressive! Suvi is now testing Népra wear in Lacrosse. It is a completely new sport for Essi and Ama and we will write more about it later this Autumn. 

Suvi is hoping on board in pattern making and with Essi they already have hands on the patterns. The goal is to learn pattern making with flexible fabrics and also making patterns for men.  

You still need to wait for more sneak peeks about our plans but as the saying goes in Finnish “good is worth of waiting”. ;)

Have a wonderful evening!



Ama, Essi and Suvi



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