Child At Heart

Text by Ama - Edited by Alex - Photos by Nanna at CrossFit Lahti

We are often reminded to keep our inner child alive, but do we really put any effort into doing so? Do we even fully understand what it means?

We, too, believe that it is possible for us as human beings to keep two completely opposing ideas as truth at the same time. We are rational, scientific and analytical, but at the same time, we do believe in magic, mystery, and miracles.

For us at Népra, childlike means walking into the world with arms wide open, full of wonder, ready to be amazed, and letting go of bitterness. We simply go outside and make a decision between everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle (as said by Einstein). Which one do you want to be? What do you think? Which perspective brings more joy to your life? Keeping your inner child alive reminds us to play and just enjoy the moment.

Being childlike is the opposite of being childish. People who act childish tend not to take responsibility for their actions, thoughts, or feelings; they blame other people or their environment for the difficulties they have. In this state of mind, we refuse to look into the mirror and find the solutions there. If we get stuck at this stage, we deny ourselves personal growth.

Being childlike, and being open to opportunity and the mystery of the unknown, allows us to be creative, understanding, compassionate, and unencumbered by the stresses of the everyday. What a way to live!


Ama, Essi & Nanna



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