Did you know these facts about Népra products?

There are many small decisions we make behind our products. Did you know these facts about Népra items?

  • The beautiful activewear fabrics come from Italy 
  • The fabrics have the softness of cotton but the benefits of advanced fibre technology
  • Our criteria when choosing materials is the touch and durability of fabrics

  • Pattern making has the highest effect on the fit
  • We make our prototypes to ensure the design and fit
  • We test our prototypes under demanding conditions and various trainings
  • Népra activewear is produced in Estonia
  • Our care labels are neatly put in a small pocket so they won't be itchy 
  • The shorts really move with you on land and in water; in the sea, lakes and pool
  • Our items are named according to Roman gods

  • Our logo t-shirts are made from 100% recycled fabric
  • One logo t-shirt saves 2700l water which equals to one month usage of showering water
  • The frog tees are produced in India by Purewaste 

Where there some new facts about the Népra wear? Maybe you knew them all?

Have a beautiful day!


Ama & Essi


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