Népra's first birthday is in the corner - in fact, we celebrate our birthday tomorrow!

As we have created an utopia, we still keep our feet tightly on the ground. Let us tell you, what we have achieved during the first year and how it relates to our basic values. 


Our very first goal was to create a basic collection that anyone can approach and to fulfill the need for ethically made activewear. We believe in effortless and perfect fitting items. Thus, our core values are based on words holistic, minimalist and ethical.

We have able to reach a high level of transparency. Approximately 65% of our supply chain is based on real partnerships (not in those that are only thinking about maximum profit). 

At the moment, we trust on Italian materials that correlate with our high standards of quality. First of all, is is crucial for us that the materials feel amazing on the skin and than no harmful chemicals are used. We have managed to find those cotton-like fabrics that still have all the benefits of performance fabrics. Secondly, we want our activewear to last after countless washes and thus, durability of the fabric is essential part of designing Népra wear. Moreover, as we make our items last, they are eco-friendly too. 

    We have started from the basics and developed our pattern making skills to a high level. Unlimited hours are used to make the items fit perfectly, to be long lasting and timeless.

    Népra is based on true partnerships. We have managed to build a trustworthy relationship with our Estonian producer. Thus, our clothing is locally made and transported by eco-friendly options such as by ship and tires. 

    Last but definitely not least, we have found lovable customer that believe in us. Thank you for you support, you are helping us to change the world!

      Next on our list:

      As we are a two-lady company, we cannot do it all at once. We have started with the things above and learnt how to manage it and not we have moderately set some new goals.

      We are at the moments really into finding recycled materials that meet with our high standards of comfort and durability. 

      We already use local partners with our packaging and other material but here as well, we are open for new solutions. 


      As responsible activewear may not have reached everybody yet, we are patient. It will come. Thank you for being among the firsts! Your support makes us feel very special!


      Ama & Essi


      P.s. Stay tuned for our birthday tomorrow! There is gonna be surprises!


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