Not So Serious

We like to see life as an endless play. Since we got to choose our attitude, why not also play? On some days it is easier said than done, but it is rewarding and trains our mental muscles.


Text by Ama & Nanna Edited by Alex Photos by Nanna

However, there are a few things that can kill the spirit and perfectionism is one of them. Many of us list being a perfectionist as a positive flaw, but if we take a look at the principles of perfectionism, does it really help us grow? Ultimately, perfectionism is simply fear dressed up in fancy shoes, and fear quite often paralyses us from taking action. Getting outside your head and taking action is the only way to grow, learn, and move forward. 


The truth is though; if you start something and you finish, you are 10 miles ahead of everybody else who haven’t even started. Done is better than good, they say.

Life is like a endless play; it is not that serious. We have so many opportunities if we just choose to use them. Failures are part of the journey, but they are a valuable chance for us to learn from and grow; we only need to choose to see it, and choose to play.


Ama, Essi & Nanna

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