What Does It Mean To Get Fit?

Everybody knows that getting fit is a good move to make in your life. And by “fit” I don’t mean Olympic-athlete-fit, but just the kind of fit anyone can think they could be. There are many ways to do this, but no one “right” way. Some like to do different kinds of sports or exercises to keep themselves healthy and strong, and those who do not know what to do, should try to find what they like.

Fitness and staying healthy is a life long journey. It’s not the easiest as it requires one to do some work. The work can be dull and therefore motivation low and results minimal. If, however, the work was made more enjoyable, even fun… You get the idea. So now it is about getting to know oneself and figuring out, what would be a fun way to get in shape. There are many and more ways to do this so just choose one and try if it suits you. First time is not always a success and you also have the right to change your mind about what you would like to do to enhance your fitness.

Before you go and decide to resort to just running or only playing table tennis for the rest of your life, I must say that you need to do some strength training too. If you solely dedicate your time to building strength or muscle, you should consider doing some form of conditioning so you do not get out of breath climbing the stairs to your second floor apartment. Again, the form in which you decide to get your strength training or conditioning done is up to you. You have all kinds of equipment and your own body to move too. If you feel uncertain about how all this should be done, consult with a personal trainer, a sports coach, a fitness-oriented friend or just someone who happens to know something about these kind of things. The internet is also there to help you if you know what to look for and where to look. I suggest you seek out material backed up by science.

One more thing about getting fit is that you should be able to move yourself and different kinds of objects around. If you feel somewhat comfortable running, carrying your full bag of groceries around and walking the stairs to the fifth floor of your apartment house, you are most likely in a good enough shape to be healthy. And to achieve this, you only need to do the occasional strength workout, get out of breath, and most of all, have fun.





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