Why do we have goals?


Most of us have some goals in our lives. We have goals for career, family, sports - you name it. Some might be pondering if having goals after goals prevent us living in the moment. And if you are only dreaming about your goals, you might find yourself living only for the future.  Let's dig a bit more into this topic.

We see our lives as a road and our goals as a destinations. Every road leads somewhere. We can walk the road while enjoying the view and experiences, stop for a while to celebrate just for the fact that we have come so far or when achieving something great. But after reaching one destination we are curious for the next one. We set a new direction and continue our journey again. The other option is that we keep wandering around aimless or maybe we are not walking at all and just staying still.

We believe that it is possible to live in the moment and still work diligently towards your long-term aims. Having clear targets not just make our journey more fun and meaningful. Setting goals is important and almost vital to our wellbeing. It keeps us finding something new in ourselves and in our everyday lives. They give us a purpose - every one of us wants to feel important in the end. 

We here at Népra love what we are doing at the moment, and still we like to dream about our future. We stand for personal growth, and we feel that aiming high and working for it is the only way to develop as a human being. Thus, we choose not to stand still. 

Keep your feet on the ground and head in the clouds.

Setting goals makes us more ambitious and determined. Having aims makes us want to jump out of the bed every morning. Achieving objects makes us feel good about ourselves. Setting new goals after reaching old ones does not mean that we are dissatisfied. It means that we stay curious about this life long road - we don't want to stop exploring. This is what we call enjoying the journey.

Set some goals and enjoy your journey!


Ama, Essi & Elli

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