Starting my internship with Népra

Fashion has always been a passion of mine. From doodling designs to getting my own sewing machine, I was always excited to create something new. As time went by, I realised I was much more interested in the visual side of fashion, and thus began to plan my future around the marketing side of fashion.

I am currently in my second year at the Arts University of Bournemouth. I study Fashion: Image and Communication. For the spring semester, we were given the option to find an internship. I wanted to work with a Finnish brand, and one that I was personally interested in myself. I had found Népra through Instagram a few months earlier, and always kept an eye on what they were doing. I first messaged Népra in September, but by the time I received a reply, I had already accepted a job elsewhere.

After a series of unfortunate events, I found myself without an internship, which was due to start the following month. I messaged Népra again, and was delighted to almost instantly receive a reply from Ama. ‘Hi Nanna, I’m sorry to hear what happened, but I’m glad you contacted us again. What a funny coincidence, since we were just thinking about having an intern helping out in the marketing department. J’ I was ecstatic and we set up a Skype meeting soon after.

I wanted to work with a sportswear brand, since exercise has always been a big part of my life. From the age of 3, I have tried out various sports such as dancing, tennis, gymnastics and football. I love trying out new things! In 2012, my dance team won the national hip-hop competitions. At the age of 15, I joined the gym and alongside my studies, I coached gymnastics. As someone who does a lot of sports, I need clothing that suits different needs. Clothes that last long and feel good. That’s why Népra felt like the perfect fit for me.

It has been a few days after I started working with Népra. I am so grateful to Ama for letting me work on the things I am keen to learn about. I have been given the responsibility to plan, style and shoot Népra's upcoming photoshoots and I’m just thinking ‘How can you trust me with such responsibility? I’m just a student?!’ However, it feels amazing to have someone believe in me. Right from the start, Ama and Essi made me feel welcome and appreciated. I am so happy to be able to do what I love, and call it work. Thank you guys for this opportunity. Let the adventure begin!







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    Thanks for the comments! :)

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    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear more :)

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    Where is the like button :) Welcome Nanna!

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