We Believe in Utopia

We believe in a more sustainable world. We have a dream where we give as much as we take. In our dreams our world consumes generally less but more good.  In our world, activewear is ethically made.

We believe in hard working people. We believe that everybody has the right to earn a living wage. We dream of a world where we wake up excited and energized every single day. In our world, Monday is the best day of the week!


In our utopia, activewear is eco-friendly too. Since 2/3 of the environmental impact is due to the use of a garment, we do our everything to make Népra pieces last - to be durable and timeless. Choosing quality materials, thoughtful pattern making and precise sewing are the highest on our list. 


We also believe in local partnerships - like true partnerships. Not in those where both sides are only thinking if they can get a maximum profit, but where both, with enthusiasm, bring something into the relationship. In our utopia, it is possible to make good and profit is a result of that.



Ama & Essi

P.s. Our very first birthday is coming next week! Keep tuned for the news!


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