What is a sustainable design process?

We throw a lot of clothing away in the Western world. There are many reasons why we discard clothing - the fit is not right, the size changes, because of the fabric’s low quality or the style becomes old. Why should we buy an item, which material doesn't last more than a few washes? Why should we be satisfied with clothing that do not fit on our bodies? In other words, aren't these features that could easily be done differently?

We strongly believe that the best way to create fitting and long-lasting activewear is to be thoughtful in the design process. Népra design is based on longevity and sustainable values. It might seen like a common sense approach but it is not self-evident nowadays. Many fast fashion items are not made to last more than a few washes and Népra is a contrary option to that. 

Key points of Népra’s Design Process 
  • choice of fabric: 
    • focus on the feel and durability
    • easily washable
    • withstand use and care
  • classic, timeless styles and colours with a Népra twist
  • pattern making focuses to find the perfect fit


Essi has a developed a very unique way to see the pattern making. As we have mentioned, she has an impeccable visual perception. During the design process or pattern making, we do not want to waste any resources. Thus, Essi keeps improving the pattern until she is sure that the prototype is near to be perfect. We also concentrate on minimal seam construction. Every single seam in our activewear has a function to improve the fit and/or user experience. Clever placement of seams allows the garment to have a greater freedom of movement and it increases the user comfort.  This way we save materials and time too. 

Even the smallest design choices can impact the sustainability of an item; how long will a product last, how does the item fit or how multifunctional are the items? Also, the choices have an effect on how much textile waste there is when cutting the patterns. 

You might notice that this is an important topic to us. Let us know what you think. We love to hear from you! 


Ama & Essi


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