What is it being ethical for us?

Nowadays, there are many of us who are thinking about the ethics and environmental issues. It is quite a confusing topic, since no one is doing it 100% right. There is no right or wrong - there are just millions of small decisions you make step by step. 

We wrote about what are the most important factors for us when it comes to ethical activewear.

  • For us it is important that we know where the products come from. We know the faces behind our activewear. We are regularly in contact with the fabric company too even though our Estonian partner directly orders the fabrics. 
  • We have chosen to produce inside EU since we feel that in that way we can be sure that the production is ethical. This does not mean that ethical production would not be possible outside EU. There are many ethical brands, bigger than us, who has the resources to ensure the ethics further way. We believe that transparency is the key.

  • We are obsessed with fabric selection and pattern making. We believe that with good choices in these areas we are able to make long lasting items and thus reduce impact on nature. 

We are not 100% perfect or transparent, but we are constantly going forward. We are also happy answer your questions about well, anything. Keep in touch!


Ama, Essi and Elli

P.s. Photos from Elli's trip to the USA to watch the CrossFit Games. 


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