Why to celebrate International Women’s Day? 

Tomorrow is the International Women's Day.

Did you know that it is said the first International Women’s Day was organised in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies Garment Worker’s Union?

Even today, the textile and clothing industry is probably the most labour-intensive industry in the world. Despite what some people may think, the clothing making is not automated. Behind the sewing machines sit humans, and nowadays it's not just women but men and, sadly, lots of children. 

However, International Women’s Day is a day of celebration, not only for women but for equal human rights. Since 1996, the United Nations has picked a theme around the day; this year it is #BeBoldForChange.  

Népra is a change-driven company founded by two female entrepreneurs, and We Are Bold for Change. We embrace the change - that is the only security in this world. Things will change. Let's celebrate that tomorrow!


Ama & Essi

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