Benefits of Holistic Approach

We tend to speak about holistic wellbeing and holistic training. What is that actually? What are the benefits of holistic approach? And, what to wear when your training has lots of diversity?

What is holistic wellbeing?

  • Feeling good in your own skin
  • Sweating, playing, flowing and moving
  • Aiming to improve not to be perfect
  • Having goals - mental and physical 


What are the benefits of the holistic approach?

  • Variety 

Training will never be boring if you allow yourself to see all the possibilities around you and your daily life. Choose training that makes you want to move your body. Try something new. Enjoy the movement.

  • Listening to your body

Does it feel like your body has too much energy? Do some HIIT training, go for a run, do some crossfit - let your body use that energy. Do you feel tight and tired? Maybe your body needs a walk and fresh air, long stretches and yoga or just sleep and rest. Trust your body. 


What to wear?

  • Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and that does not disturb your movement. If you're paying attention to your clothing during the training, it might not be the right one.
  • Expect to sweat. Clothes that dry quickly and breath through the training let you to concentrate on your workout. Stretching fabrics make it easy to move from movement to movement. 



Ama, Essi & Elli

P.s Photos by Julius Töyrylä at CrossFit227, Karlsruhe. 


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