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Meet Népra Team Athlete Aino Aavanen


Birthday: 1999

Where are you from: Turku, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2017

Instagram: @ainoaoikea

How & why did you start:

I watched one of the Fittest on Earth documentaries and got inspired. I was missing the diversity of sports and CrossFit provides lots of it. Before CrossFit I did group gymnastics and group aerobics. In gymnastics, you don’t have to be that strong but in aerobics I got to improve my strength too.

Your coolest sport memory:

World Championships in group aerobics in Wien. We were a team of three and we came from different parts of Finland. It was sometimes difficult to find time to train together and mostly we trained only during weekends.

Your biggest goal:

I don’t have big competition goals since I want to concentrate on my studies and other things in life. I have a long background in competitive sports with overtraining and anorexia. My biggest aim at the moment is to be mentally and physically healthy and find balance.


I don’t have a motto.

  1. I work as a CrossFit coach and sport instructor.
  2. I did group gymnastics for eight years.
  3. I get excited very easily.
  4. I speak a lot (even doing Murph didn’t stop me from speaking!).
  5. I study to become public health nurse.
  6. I have competed in World Championship in group aerobics.
  7. I can’t keep still - even when I’m brushing my teeth.
  8. I love mountain biking.
  9. I go ice swimming weekly in winter.
  10. Beside strength training I love to dance.
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