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Meet Népra Team Athlete Anni Jääskeläinen


Birthday: 1979

Where are you from: Helsinki, Finland

Sport: Weightlifting

When did you start: 2016

Instagram: @lifteranni

How & why did you start:

I used to play ice hockey for years. Even as an adult, I played ice hockey for 10 years. After a head injury, I quitted. I only started weightlifting because a friend of mine Kristiina Junttu persuaded me to try it out. I had the mobility and for example squat technique so there was potential to compete in my age group.

Your coolest sport memory:

One of the coolest memories is from ice hockey times; we played penalty kill with only three people left and managed to keep the division win. The second memory is from last year when I won the Finnish Championship in weightlifting.

Your biggest goal:

At the moment, my biggest goal is to improve my weightlifting technique. Everything else comes after that.


It bends, yet not breaks.

  1. I like to sleep in.
  2. I’m full of ideas! Not every idea is good or executable though.
  3. I’m always wearing woolen socks, whenever it’s possible.
  4. I need a lot of time alone as I’m quite an introvert.
  5. I can juggle and drive an unicycle.
  6. I love to play different games: boarding games, card games or outdoor games.
  7. I sing to my dog a song when I come home.
  8. My favourite season is summer.
  9. As a child my dream profession was fighter pilot.
  10. My secret passion is Panda’s chocolate raisins.
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My favourite Népra outfit: