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Meet the Népra Team - Benjamin Mäkinen


Birthday: 1991

Where are you from: Nokia, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2013

Instagram: @benjaminmkinen

How & why did you start:

I played ice hockey in my youth, and after that, I needed something else. I didn’t quite enjoy going to the gym, but CrossFit felt like my thing right away, and I’ve enjoyed training ever since I started. What I love about CrossFit is how you can tailor the workouts to anybody. There are so many different paths to achieve one’s goals. Seeing improvement fuels my motivation, but I started competing only 2-3 years ago. I see myself more as a coach than an athlete.

Your coolest sport memory:

I come from a small town called Jämsänkoski. When I was 16-years old, we were watching the youth ice hockey championship. The hockey hall was full to the brim with people, and the atmosphere was palpable, and JYP (the ice hockey team from the region) won. One month after the event, I got invited to preliminaries for the team. I got in! Especially the moment I told my family is a priceless memory to me. For 1-2 years ago, we didn’t think I could make it to the team.

Your biggest goal:

Coaching and improving in that area is my most important goal. I want to help different athletes to reach their goals. In my training, I simply want to test different things and see what works and keep improving my overall fitness level.


Most dreams are found in the graveyard, so you better act.

  1. I love animals, and I have a rescue dog named “Pulla” from Greece.
  2. I used to hate the gym; now I can’t wait to go back to the CrossFit box.
  3. I work as a CrossFit Coach.
  4. I like to play tennis and used to play for hundreds of hours with my brothers.
  5. When I’m not at the gym, I love to spend time at home.
  6. I’m probably not the best baker, but I bake the best cinnamon rolls (mom’s recipe).
  7. Pizza is my favourite food - hands down!
  8. I’m a dreamer, thinker, and planner. The next step is to bring some dreams to reality.
  9. I’m extremely unmusical - I can play nothing. I do like the music.
  10. I wish to reduce the gap between a traditional gym and a functional training gym.
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