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Népra Team Athlete Emilia Vihantola


Birthday: 1985

Where are you from: Kuopio, Finland

Sport: CrossFit, Weightlifting & American Football

When did you start: 2012

Instagram: @emppuvihantola

(Photo by Veera Pitkänen)

How & why did you start:

I had been interested in functional training for a longer time. I trained a lot with a kettlebell and at the gym. My husband told me about the opening of CrossFit Kuopio and quickly it was clear that I also want to compete in CrossFit. In autumn 2012, I competed in the first Karjalan Kovin.

Your coolest sport memory:

Sport has given me so many good memories. Of course succeeding in competitions feels great: I was third in Winter War 2017 and I have won the finnish national championship in weightlifting. Last year, I qualified in my first sanctional competition in the Lowland Throwdown in the Netherlands. Also, a weightlifting competition in Germany was a great experience because I got to lift beside amazing weightlifters. Yet, one of the best memories is from Karjalan Kovin 2019, when I got to compete next to Anna.

Your biggest goal:

Now I want to get as good at American Football as I am capable of. At the moment, I don’t want to compete in CrossFit or weightlifting anymore at least as a RX.


When I start something, I give it my all, and I want to get good at it.

  1. I’m dad’s girl. If I have a problem I call my dad.
  2. I can milk a cow.
  3. I can drive a tractor and cultivate a field.
  4. As a child my dream profession was to become a Finnish teacher.
  5. I learned to read on third grade.
  6. When I do the qualification workouts, I must wear two different socks.
  7. Before my lift in the weightlifting competitions, I must look each judge in the eyes.
  8. I'm from a small town called Pajunkoski.
  9. I am very bad at doing household chores and my husband does the most of them.
  10. My position in American football is Running Back.
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