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Meet Népra Team Athlete Eveliina Aalto-Setälä

Eveliina Aalto-Setälä

Birthday: 2002

Where are you from: Pori, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2016

Instagram: @eveliinals

How & why did you start:

In 2016, my sister got really excited about CrossFit and so I started it too. It soon became my passion too. Before CrossFit I swam, did gymnastics and played baseball.

Your coolest sport memory:

The Lowland Throwdown in Netherlands in 2019. That was my first competition abroad.

Your biggest goal:

I want to stay healthy, train and get better. My biggest goal is to compete in CrossFit Games.


Never give up.

  1. I played baseball for six years.
  2. I have three cats.
  3. My favourite subject in school is psychology.
  4. I used to swim and do gymnastics.
  5. I lived in the USA when I was a child.
  6. I have won the national championship in sailing with my dad.
  7. I’m an aunt and a godmother.
  8. My favourite CrossFit movement is a handstand push-up.
  9. I have to improve the most in ring and bar muscle-up.
  10. I love to spend time in nature.
Népra Team ten things you didn't know about be

My favourite Népra outfit: