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Meet Népra Team Athlete Jenni Kangas


Birthday: 1992

Where are you from: Nurmo Seinäjoki, Finland

Sport: Javelin throw

When did you start: 2000

Instagram: @jjenskie

How & why did you start:

My dad threw javelin until I was two years old. I guess the javelin was just put in my hand too. When I was 8 years old, I had my first competition and since then, I have thrown javelin. Discus and shot were part of my training until I was 22 years old but javelin has always been my main sport. Since I was 14, I have trained according to a program.

Your coolest sport memory:

In 2016, I was in a training camp with my dad in China in very ascetic circumstances. The three weeks there were all about training and it felt hard sometimes. In my last training session, I threw 60m the very first time, and that was a special moment.

Your biggest goal:

I want to win the Olympic gold medal, and I feel I have two chances for that.


There is nothing, one can’t survive.

  1. I studied textile and clothing engineering
  2. I write columns for Uusi Lahti
  3. I collect special coins
  4. I have four siblings
  5. I currently coach three young people in javelin
  6. I work as a personal assistant
  7. I write poems
  8. I have a natural gas car
  9. I like the taste of beer
  10. My karaoke bravura is “Don’t Stop Me Now”
Népra Team ten things you didn't know about be

My favourite Népra outfit: