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Népra-Lauri Friberg-neprateam


Birthday: 1993

Where are you from: Turku, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2017

Instagram: @laurifrii

How & why did you start:

In my youth, I played ice hockey. After suffering from several injuries, I lost interest in playing. When I studied in Pori, I trained a bit at the gym, but it felt unsatisfying. After graduating, I moved to Turku and did some gym hopping; nothing felt quite right. Somehow I ended up at a CrossFit gym even though nobody I know did CrossFit at that time. I liked about CrossFit right away because it is as effective as it can get if you have only one hour per day to train. I love to give everything I have and lie in my sweat on the floor after a workout. After a year or so, I got interested in competing, and in 2018, I competed for the first time.

Your coolest sport memory:

Last year in Turun Tuomiopäivä, having my first heat win felt precious.

Your biggest goal:

Right now, my goal is to get into the competitions where you need to qualify through tryouts. The most important factor for me is to have fun and enjoy it all without stress.


Everything will be alright.

  1. I like to cook.
  2. I have lived in six different cities.
  3. I used to be 170cm, but now I’m 168cm.
  4. Due to my work, I travel a lot and sleep around 100 nights in a hotel every year.
  5. Being alone is not a problem for me, and I quite like it.
  6. I have a few tattoos, and I could tattoo my whole body.
  7. Besides my main job, I’m a part-time entrepreneur.
  8. I hate running.
  9. Spending time in a summer house and at sea is my favourite thing to do in the summer.
  10. I love the Alps.
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