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Népra Team Athlete Matti Knaapi


Birthday: 1991

Where are you from: Kuopio, Finland

Sport: CrossFit (old school)

When did you start: 2009-2010

How & why did you start:

I read in the Helsingin Sanomat that the fittest man on earth comes from Pori, and that was it. I wanted to lose weight and started to train with kettlebells with Ville Huttunen. Later, Ville opened a CrossFit Box in Kuopio and CrossFit became my career too. Since opening the CrossFit Kuopio, I have been working there.

Your coolest sport memory:

It’s hard to pick one, and the coolest memories are less to do with winning, even though winning feels good too. The best things in sport and competitions are the little moments between the athletes. For example, in one event, I did the long distance row beside Mikko Ojala and spent more time watching the screen of Mikko than mine. Next morning while drinking our morning coffee, we changed thoughts and discovered that neither of us had been sleeping; we had been “rowing” the whole night.

Your biggest goal:

My biggest goal is to have fun and do old school CrossFit. I might attend some competitions but the main thing is to enjoy doing sports - not winning.


I don’t have a motto, but I have tattoos. They tell the story of my life.

  1. I’m the head coach at CrossFit Kuopio.
  2. I’m half deaf (no otic bones in my right ear).
  3. When I’m in a hotel, I always eat sausages with raspberry marmalade for breakfast.
  4. I don’t like to wear a shirt under a hoodie; I just wear the hoodie.
  5. I used to country cross ski to school.
  6. Before CrossFit I competed in e-sports.
  7. I played drums between 9-17 years old.
  8. I used to have a special meal called “Sprylleri” a pizza with a kebab with everything including blue cheese.
  9. Two-wheeled vehicles are my favourite kind.
  10. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke.
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