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Meet Népra Team Athlete Minnamari Tuominen


Birthday: 1990

Where are you from: Helsinki, Finland

Sport: Ice Hockey

When did you start: 2002

Instagram: @minttutee15

How & why did you start:

My big brother started playing hockey after the world championship in 1995. I got excited about hokey too, and started in the boys group where I didn’t feel like belonging. I stopped in the boy’s group and until 2002, I played basketball, football and ringette (= a team sport on ice). In 2002, a ice hockey team for girls was formed and I joined the team with my friend. Yet, ice hockey is until today seen as a men’s sport.

Your coolest sport memory:

My first Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. The World Championship in 2019 was organised in Finland, and there is nothing like playing in front of the home audience.

Your biggest goal:

We have already been in the finals so next comes naturally to win either the World Championship next year or Olympics in two years.


I don’t have anything particular, but do what you love, love what you do is a good guideline.

  1. I’m ambidextrous (neither left nor right handed)
  2. Sometimes I’m not sure whether I’m crying because I laugh so much or if I’m actually crying
  3. I lived in the USA between 2009-2013
  4. I’m the black sheep in my family; everybody else plays basketball
  5. I have only have one pet in my life; a hamster as a child
  6. I have never had a long hair
  7. I have played hockey on every position; now I’m a defenceman
  8. I used to be very shy but after the time in the USA, it changed
  9. The first months in the USA, I only said yes or no
  10. In the summertime, I love love hockey on roller skates
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