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Meet Népra Team Athlete Nea Hukkinen


Birthday: 1997

Where are you from: Turku, Finland

Sport: Weightlifting

When did you start: 2013

Instagram: @neassusanna

How & why did you start:

I started CrossFit in 2013 when I was 16 years old. I did my first weightlifting competition in 2015 because I couldn’t yet qualify for CrossFit competitions. In 2019, I started training weightlifting with my coach. I had noticed that CrossFit didn’t give me the things it used to, and I began to prioritise weightlifting over other types of training. In 2020, I started training weightlifting full time. This decision has brought me some clarity as I also work as a CrossFit coach. It helped me to make the cut between training competitive myself and coaching others.

Your coolest sport memory:

For the past seven years, doing sport has been a big part of my life. When I started CrossFit, all bodyweight movements were extremely hard for me. My dad promised to buy me my first weightlifting shoes as a prize for my first pull-up. In the beginning, I couldn’t do a pull-up even with the help of the black rubber band, but I kept practicing every evening in our garage. I remember the moment I did my first pull-up like yesterday. Getting there took a great deal of disappointment and frustration. After receiving the weightlifting shoes, I also fell in love with weightlifting.

Your biggest goal:

My biggest competition goal is to qualify for the European Championship in weightlifting. I’m also very eager to break the Finnish weightlifting records in my division. Other than that, the most vital goal is to stay and feel healthy.


“If we can’t be sure what will come, let’s assume that everything will be alright. - Mauno Koivisto

  1. I always sing aloud when I’m inside a car.
  2. In school, I got the prize for being a fair school mate (Hymytyttö-patsas)
  3. I trained CrossFit for six years before getting my first muscle-up
  4. I’m quite sensitive, and I cry easily. I’m also not afraid to show my feelings. When I was five years old, I said to my family: “Let me be sentimental.”
  5. I can’t stand bad behaviour or bad customer service
  6. I have qualified twice to the European Championship in weightlifting (under 23-years old), but both times I couldn’t participate
  7. I love the cinnamon rolls made by my mom
  8. I get easily frightened and genuinely become worried if I see that someone is not feeling okay
  9. I’m very persistent! As a child, I played in a football game with a broken toe
  10. I’m the worst when it comes to replying to messages
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