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Samuli Henriksson Népra Team Athlete


Birthday: 1991

Where are you from: Turku, Finland

Sport: Running & CrossFit

When did you start: 2012

Instagram: @smuli_h

How & why did you start:

Before joining the army, I ran a lot after many years of track and field. In the army, I heard about CrossFit the first time. In 2012, I started my studies at Vierumäki and started to train CrossFit like at the gym. In 2015, I had the chance for the first time to join a CrossFit Box when CrossFit Lahti opened. My last CrossFit competitions were Karjalan Kovin and Unbroken in 2017.

Your coolest sport memory:

Throughout my life sport has provided me with many cool memories. One of the best memories is the team competition Unbroken in 2016. I got to compete beside my friends and share the experience with them.

Your biggest goal:

Instead of defining success around winning, my goal is to keep improving and challenge myself. Right now, I want to get into the Finnish National Championship competition in the decathlon.


Simplifying my life in one sentence doesn’t come naturally for me.

  1. I play bass guitar, also in a band.
  2. I have played saxophone.
  3. Profession: CrossFit and track & field coach.
  4. Atm, I’m excited about frisbee golf.
  5. I’m a tech nerd.
  6. I know a lot about fantasie (Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter).
  7. I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since a child.
  8. I eat kiwis with their skin (fibre & vitamins).
  9. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles.
  10. I love to be outdoors when it’s raining.
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My favourite Népra outfit: