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Népra Team

Népra is growing and so is the Népra Team. We are very proud of our team; it is a Népra-like combination of training and holistic wellbeing, caring about the ethics and environment, and trusting in the simple hard work - without forgetting to have fun aside!

Read about our athletes on board in 2018.

Anna - CrossFit Athlete from Kuopio


Anni - Weightlifter from Helsinki

Christian - Track and Field Athlete from Raisio

Elli - CrossFit Athlete from Vaasa

Emilia - Weightlifter from Kuopio

Laura - CrossFit Athlete from Karlsruhe 

Marius - CrossFit Athlete from Karlsruhe 

Matti - CrossFit Athlete from Kuopio

Mirka - CrossFit Athlete from Turku

Samuli - CrossFit Athlete from Turku