This page is all about the people and communities who have been helping us through our journey. We want to give credit to people and groups who are supporting us! 

Julius - Photography

If anyone has an eye for the beauty it is Julius! He likes to explore the world through photography. 

Julius studies photography at the Turku University of Applied Sciences. Julius loves Parkour and consequently jumping around brings joy and wellbeing to his life.


Phil - Photography

Phil is strengthening the Népra team with his photography in Germany. 

Photography and training, good food and adventures are the subjects best describing him. He is working part-time while focusing on his Master's degree in i/o Psychology. He loves photography and wants to capture moments of beauty through the lens.

 Photo credit: Alexej Fedorov  


CrossFit 227 in Karlsruhe has been on our side from the very beginning. Ama’s heart beats to the soul of this Box, and they have been amazing with their support of Népra.

CrossFit 227 is a community of people coming from all walks of life who are passionate about improving their physical fitness and doing so in a supportive and motivating environment. 

 Jyrätien Liikuntahallit Oy & Hämpton Sport

Niko Heikkilä is the man behind Hämpton Sport. He is a young and sporty entrepreneur like us and a very good friend of Essi.

Hämpton Sport manages the badminton sports hall at Jyrätie in Hämeenlinna. They sell equipment for badminton and also have samples of Népra products. 

CrossFit Hämeenlinna

CrossFit Hämeenlinna has believed in us from the first time we met. We were immediately invited to join the biggest Masters Competition, Linna Masters, in December 2016. 

CrossFit Hämeenlinna is full of highly skilled health and sports professionals. As the Linna Masters competition revealed to us, they are especially active in tempting the middle-aged back to regular exercise and forging elite fitness. We believe in that as well; it is never too late to start your journey towards holistic wellbeing. 

CrossFit Kuopio

 CrossFit Kuopio opened its doors in 2012, and since then has coached people towards living healthier lives. CF Kuopio believes in respect, and everybody is warmly welcomed as they are. The community keeps the motivation high, and together the people aim to become the best version of themselves every day. 

At CrossFit Kuopio, Népra has three athletes who are part of the Népra team. Emilia, Anna, and Matti are wearing Népra through their demanding training, and you can follow their experiences on their Instagram.

CrossFit Lahti

CrossFit Lahti, as the name says, is the box in Népra’s hometown. Since the early stages of brand building we have received support from CrossFit Lahti, and have been welcomed into their CrossFit Family.  At CrossFit Lahti, Népra has the honour of having three competition athletes, Elli, Samuli and Mirka under the Népra team. You can follow these strong athletes on their Instagram.

CrossFit Lahti and Népra share the values of #supportyourlocal. We will continue working together in the future.