Q: How do we differ?

A: We care about what you wear and thus Népra is a lifestyle brand close to you. We believe in quality craftsmanship and materials. Once these qualities are combined with local partnerships, the result is clothing that makes you feel good, inside and out!


Q: Why do we choose to produce Népra activewear in Europe?

A: OK. Yes, the price is higher. However, you might already know that Europe still has a thriving high-quality textile industry and a skilled labour force. Right on our doorstep we have quality, technology, innovation, creativity and design. In Europe we are able to combine technical quality, aesthetic characteristics and fashion content, which leads to high value-adding products. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? As a final point, we know the legislation inside Europe and we can be sure it represents our business and environmental ethics.


Q: What is technical about Népra clothing?

A: The fabrics and design! The fabrics are Italian-made and have been specifically chosen because they are ideal for lifestyle- and sportswear. They also have an OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, meaning no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. More info on: https://www.oeko-tex.com/
The design process is a long and well thought-out process focussing on the needs of the wearer and the activities the clothing is being used for. From prototype to final production, the fit and feel of each item is tested for aesthetics, comfort and longevity.


Q: Why do we mention ”the potential transparency issues” when referring to the Saturnus Tights?

A: Honestly, because we hate transparent pants. However, every knitted fabric is transparent when it stretches to its maximum range. The fabric we use in our Saturnus tights is thin and very elastic. This is exactly why they are pleasant to wear and stay in place. We are confident that once you find the right size, you’ll love them!


Q: What if I’m between two sizes?

A: Bottoms: We recommend comparing your measurements with our size guide. Your waist measurement is important so that the tights/shorts stay in place.  

Tops: Choosing the size when you’re between two depends on whether you like a tight or loose fit for your top or t-shirt.
Regarding the ladies’ Saturnus tights: it is important to measure the hips. If this measurement falls between two sizes, look at your waist measurement. Choose the size that best matches your waist measurement to ensure the tights stay in place.



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