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Eettisiä urheiluvaatteita - Wear Népra 12.12.2017

Sweet Hanna from Sunday Blondie -blog wrote a lovely text about us on her blog. Also, the bright photos made with Saranda Dedolli bring some sun for the darkest time of the year. Go and take a look! Link on the photo!

Malta olla huono 27.10.2017

Saranda Dedolli wrote a very accurate text (in Finnish) about daring to be bad. If you want to improve you need to accept the fact of being bad at something at first. The blog post is also worthy of checking because of the beautifully calming pictures of Saranda in her Juno Longsleeve and Saturnus Tights. Link to the blog on the photo.

Eettisten urheiluvaatteiden edellekävijä - Népra 24.10.2017

Heidi Kinnunen - a wellbeing enthusiast friend of Ama - wrote her thoughts about Népra and sustainable clothing. She listed 6 favourite things about Népra. Do you agree with them or do you have something else? Read her blog post here

Vastuullisista vaatteista hyvä mieli 15.9.2017

Elina Knaapi wrote about us on her blog. She shares about her sustainable values and captures our slogan Activewear that makes you feel good in a new fresh way. Go and check it here!

Naiset, joita ihailemme: Anna-Mari Niutanen ja Essi Enqvist 4.9.2017

It is such an honour to be part of Sugar Helsinki's blog series "Women who we admire". Lovely ladies Milena and Roosa interviewed us for the story, and it turned out describing our journey quite well. Go and check it out here! Photos by Phillip Sauder & Julius Töyrylä. 

Nepra - Suomalaista designiä toiminnallisella ja eettisellä kokonaisuudella 7.8.2017

Népra goes Golf. When we started Népra our secret goal was to create clothing for every kind of activity. In the end, it does not matter to which purpose the clothing is made, if it does not fit. Now one of our goals is achieved and Népras has been seen when playing golf! Take a look at GoGolf's blog. Photos by Hanna Latvanen. 

Eettisiä urheiluvaatteita 17.6.2017

The lovely Laura Kiuru with Maiju Markkanen, Tanja Koivisto and Salla Lummi organized a beautiful photoshoot with Népras. The photos turned to be just amazing! Read Laura's Blog too! 

LAURAROSILLA on YouTube 24.5.2017

We spotted some Népras on Laura's YouTube My Day video! She and her spouse Osku tried some of our items and told their opinions on the video. So cool! (In Finnish).

Take a look here.

NÉPRA LOOKBOOK #ChildAtHeart 30.5.2017

As you know, we take the responsibility issues very seriously. However, this spring we felt like reminding us all about the fun side of life; play and keeping your inner child alive.

This is also Nanna's final piece of work for Népra in Spring 2017. Take a look to the Lookbook!


Stupid Fresh 14.5.2017

Nanna made a three months internship at Népra. As you might have noticed, Népra's channels are pretty much full of Nanna's work. Read more about her internship on her blog Stupid Fresh!

HMJ Loves Népra 6.5.2017

Hyvän Mielen Jumppapäivä is organised in June 2017 for the second time and Népra has the privilege to be the official charity partner. Again the event is bringing us joy and teaching us a valuable lesson about enjoying movement, and about the importance of nature. Read more about HMJ's Blog

Miju 28.4.2017

Remember Miju - the relatively new media writing about ethical issues? They made an awesome photoshoot with Népra items. Go and see the photos on their blog!

Kasvu Open® 2017 20.4.2017

We made it into 15 most potential businesses in our region. At Kasvu Open, we are going to hear advices and opinions of 10 different experts on 10 different fields in the Spring 2017. 

Licorne Magazine 14.3.2017

Licorne magazine is a media for beautifully written stories about traveling, life and beauty. They wrote about Népra on their second day of sports and healthy living week. 

Miju 6.2.2017

A new media Miju about ethical issues made an interview about us. The text is available both in English and in Finnish. 

NÉPRA - ethical sportswear 

Winter War 17.1.2017

We got the honor to be part of Winter War 2017. 

Activewear that makes you feel good

Practicalities 30.8.2016

The Story that blows your mind away. 

Of Népra, sports and life

ESS 20.8.2016

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