Please read the rules in detail. By placing a pre-order you accept the rules.

We created them in English, in Finnish, and in German to make it easier for you.

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to hello@wearnepra.com. We are there for you!


- you purchase your item on Thursday 01.11.2018  the latest
- we place the order in Tallinn on Friday 02.11.2018
- the production takes 3-4 weeks
- you will receive your favourite Terra during week 49 


Questions and Answers

Why should I place an order in this in pre-order campaign?

Terra Red

This is the last red Terra batch.
We know the red Terra got the attention of many of you earlier this year. As we didn't get more of the fabric, but we have got a little bit of red fabric left in Tallinn, we have decided to offer the last bits in pre-order so you have the power to let us know how many in which sizes we are going to order. The amounts per size are very limited this time.


Terra Blue

This is your only chance to purchase blue Terra Tights before Christmas. 
We have also got questions about the blue Terra Cropped! In this pre-order, you can purchase the blue Terra Cropped for the first time or blue Terra Tights. 
How to choose the right size?

We have a very good size guide on the Terra product page. Please take a look if you are not sure. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us via hello@wearnepra.com.

What if I chose the wrong size?

We want to order a bigger batch than the number of pre-orders, but we can't promise a change for every item sold in pre-sale. However, if you notice you chose the wrong size, send us an email on hello@wearnepra.com, and we do our best!