Please read the rules in detail. By placing a pre-order you accept the rules.

We created them in English, in Finnish, and in German to make it easier for you.

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to hello@wearnepra.com. We are there for you!


week 45

- you can place a pre-order until Sunday 

week 46-49

- we place our final order to Pure Waste on Monday 13.11. the latest
- there is a rush in the printing so it takes approximately 4 weeks to get the items

week 49-50

- delivery from Pure Waste (Helsinki) to Népra (Lahti)
- we prepare and send the deliveries to you


Questions and Answers

Why should I order Lazywear in pre-sale?

We don't get the chance to order lazywear items very often. Until now, we have been concentrating on our activewear. However, for the sake of our second birthday, we wanted to offer you something special. 

At the moment, we are quite lost though how much to order, so pre-sale helps us to orientate. This is how we make sure that we order enough. 

This is also your chance to be an early bird to buy Népra Christmas gifts in time. The deliveries will be during weeks 49-50, so you'll get your items just in time for Christmas. 

What is special about our lazywear?

Our lazywear items are made with Pure Waste. They are a Finnish company who have developed a special way to recycle cotton. They have their own facilities in India, where they collect textile waste. 

Why don't we accept returns?

In Népra Pre-sale, we don't accept returns because, we plan our order amount according to the pre-sale orders. Obviously, if the product is damaged or not as described, please take contact via hello@wearnepra.com.

How to choose a right size?

We have a very good size guide on our online store. Please take a look if you are not sure. If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us via hello@wearnepra.com.

What if I chose a wrong size?

We want to order a bigger batch, but we can't promise a change for every items sold in pre-sale. However, if you notice you chose a wrong size, send us an email on hello@wearnepra.com, and we do our best!