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Meet Eerik Eskelinen from the Népra Team


Birthday: 1995

Where are you from: Kuopio, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2012

Instagram: @vahvaeepi

How & why did you start:

I spent my childhood and youth playing different ball games, from basketball to football. When I was in upper secondary school, I started to go to the gym. Somewhere in the whirlpool of the internet, I found a forum where people were discussing CrossFit. That sounded like fun, and I googled more. I found out that a CrossFit gym was about to open in Kuopio, and I took part in the first on-ramp course. From right away, CrossFit was so much fun, and that’s the main reason why I have kept training for almost nine years. I never get bored because there is always some progression you can take, and the training varies a lot. For me, the CrossFit gym is also a social place, where I have tied friendships. It’s almost like y - you forget all your sorrows when training. I’m not the most competitive person, but I enjoy challenging myself. All I want for competitions is to have some fun!

Your coolest sport memory:

I live for moments where I can exceed my expectations - not for events to win. I ran a half marathon in demanding conditions in Tahko, and I have also rowed a length of a marathon. I don't focus on these skills when I train, but I want to explore what my body is capable of doing.

Your biggest goal:

I want to snatch and squat until I’m 80 years old!


Living in the moment is my jam. I simply want to enjoy doing sports and enjoy living.

  1. I was 16 years old when I started CrossFit.
  2. I have a blue belt in Karate that I achieved as a child.
  3. I have never drunk alcohol or smoked.
  4. I’m a CrossFit coach.
  5. My highest degree is graduating from upper secondary school.
  6. I’m afraid of needles and other sharp things. I’m always moving around glasses that are in danger of falling.
  7. I have a special oat delicacy I always eat for breakfast. It consists of lots of rolled oats, milk, and cacao powder, and I eat it cold.
  8. I play Squash once a week, and futsal and football whenever I have time.
  9. When I was younger, my family and I lived one year in Spain.
  10. I have six siblings, and I’m the second youngest.
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