How & why did I start: 

I have a background in running and group gymnastics. In 2014, my sister read Stephanie Hagelstam’s blog and found CrossFit. She suggested CrossFit for me. I tried CrossFit in Vaasa and it was love at first sight. At first, I trained CrossFit alone at the gym but in 2015, CrossFit Lahti was opened.

My coolest sport memory: 

There are so many! Our gymnastic group won the national championship in 2008 and it felt amazing to share the experience with so many important people. 

One of the best memories is the feeling after my first half-marathon, first muscle-up or the first time in the finnish weightlifting national championships.

Also, I had a shoulder injury in 2018 and qualification in the Karjalan Kovin that year felt absurd. The injury healed much quicker than expected. I was able to do things my doctor said I could maybe try after a year or something. I was able to get back training without a surgery. Still happy about that.

My biggest goal: 

I don’t have any numerical goal but I want to stay healthy, train hard, and enjoy doing sports. It would be cool to train as long as I can and compete at master level too.