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Népra-Elli Stenfors-neprateam


Birthday: 1997

Where are you from: Pori, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2015

Instagram: @ellistenfors

How & why did you start:

I used to be a competitive swimmer until I began to get bored, and my coach recommended CrossFit instead. I immediately fell in love with the diversity and loved to gain strength after years of condition-based training. On top of that, I’m super interested in health and being able to perform in the long term.

Your coolest sport memory:

In 2017, I won the Berlin Throwdown. The win took me by surprise because I never check the leaderboard during competitions.

Your biggest goal:

I’m motivated to get into sanctionals and some bigger competitions abroad. My goal is to do my best. Other than that, I want to finish my studies in physiotherapy.


Motivation is overrated, and discipline is underrated.

  1. After upper secondary school, I lived in Switzerland.
  2. I would love to start dancing.
  3. I have three jobs, and I have my studies.
  4. I could sleep all day and stay awake all night.
  5. I never film my PR attempts.
  6. I study to become a physiotherapist.
  7. I am known for my honest opinions and straight answers whenever my friends or family ask for one.
  8. I’m quite sensitive, and I’m already sad when I think about the day I have to let my dog go.
  9. Snowboarding was an important hobby for me as a child.
  10. Between lifts, I tend to dance and sing.
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