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Meet Népra Team Athlete Kaisa Haunia


Birthday: 1994

Where are you from: Sastamala, Finland

Sport: CrossFit

When did you start: 2017

Instagram: @kkaisahoo

How & why did you start:

I have always been very sporty. After quitting with volleyball, I first started taking different group training classes and worked as an instructor as well. Yet, I had a feeling that something was missing. It wasn’t giving me enough challenge. I tried CrossFit out the first time in Germany but it took me a couple of years until I went to the on-ramp course at CrossFit 33100.

Your coolest sport memory:

The first qualification to Winter War as an RX athlete.

Your biggest goal:

I want to stay healthy and achieve my top potential as an athlete.


In life, you must do things that make you happy.

  1. I’m a physiotherapist
  2. In 2011, I competed in the Junior Finnish Championship in discus throw
  3. I have a two-year-old dog called Nacho
  4. I’m going to get married in 2021
  5. Some friends call me Maisa
  6. I hate losing - no matter if a competition or board game
  7. I have two sisters and one brother that is 13 years younger than I am
  8. I have played volleyball in the national championship level
  9. Nowadays, I pluck grey hair from my hair weekly
  10. I love pancakes with cream
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My favourite Népra outfit: