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How & why did I start:

My spouse Marius wanted to do a trial training in the CrossFit Box and I thought I will try it out too. Until then I had trained at the gym. First I bought a 10 card but half a year later, I trained five times per week, and after one year I was a CrossFit Box owner. 

My coolest sport memory:

The greatest memory is from German Throwdown 2018. I competed as a team with Merituuli, Marius and German. We did not have such high expectations. There were 50 people from our home box cheering us through the workouts and we ended up at 6th place. The atmosphere was something I will never forget. The people make the sport, winning is secondary. 

My biggest goal:

I simply want to get as good as possible. I want to keep learning new skills and try new sport arts outside CrossFit. I don’t want to put myself in a box. This year, I’m also training for a triathlon. If I get to compete in bigger competitions, great. The most important thing is to train for myself and be happy about the things I’m capable of.