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Behind Népra

We care about what you wear.

We are two visionary ladies on a mission and we care greatly what you wear.

In 2015, we were wondering why there wasn’t any ethically made, sustainable but reasonably-priced quality activewear available for anyone. As we did not come up with any acceptable reason or explanation, in less than a year we founded Népra.

We may well be a team of two but don’t let that fool you! Together we are experts in sustainable textiles and clothing, as well as responsible brand building. We are passionate about creating perfectly-fitting, long-lasting items that are ethically made. But, we are also very curious to create unique ways of integrating our sustainable values in everything we do, from designing clothing and marketing campaigns, to behind the scenes work such as future goals and networking.

We have a vision for a world where buying responsible items is the norm. At the moment, the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, and one of the main reasons is the Fast Fashion culture. The idea of Fast Fashion is simply to produce more and more and to do it cheaper and cheaper so that the companies can sell more and more, quicker and quicker. At the same time, more and more waste and emissions are produced; not just inside the supply chains, but the average person buys 60% more clothes while keeping them for just half as long, as 15 years ago

Népra has a very strong value base. We don't only stand for high-quality activewear, but we want to be part of changing the current culture and norms of consumption. We choose to run our business in the way we do because we want to support well-considered purchases. We believe in buying less and choosing well.