Behind Népra

We care about what you wear.

The basic idea behind Népra is to not make any profit by molesting human rights, nor by unconsciously harming our environment. We are passionate about taking responsibility for our actions.

Ama's background of studying International Trade, along with her passion for the environment and corporate responsibility, helped foster an idea that combines perfectly with her love of holistic wellbeing and exercise. Essi, on the other hand, has completed a degree in Textile and Clothing Engineering and is passionate about finding the perfect fit and utilising perfect materials. 

The ladies got to know each other because Ama was searching for a textile professional as a partner for a start-up project in spring 2015. Against all odds, this seemingly disparate pair made the perfect team to set up Népra Activewear. Something clicked instantly, and a common vision was immediately created.

Ama is very good at keeping the big picture in mind and changing between various roles within the business. Essi, on the other hand, has a relentless drive for improvement in the search for perfection, even when things are starting to look all the same to Ama.

Even though Népra has been built by two women previously unknown to each other, and based on Ama’s vague vision and plan, both ladies live and breathe Népra. It all comes together in the name and logo; Ama has always been captivated by water, and the word Népra comes from a small Carelian language which means water. Essi, on the other hand, has always been fascinated by frogs, and she created the beautiful and minimalist Népra frog.