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  • April 30, 2020 2 min read

    This current global situation has made us thinking of all the wonderful people near to us who have helped us along the way. Without the help, all the discussions and advice, Népra would not be the way it is today. 
    This blog article is created to give a shout out to the people, companies and institutions that have helped to do things differently and to find our unique ways to approach one of the most unethical and polluting industries. 


    Ladec / Mikko Kyle & Isko Lappalainen
    ELY / Matti Nykänen


    Sports & Wellbeing

    Matias & CrossFit Hämeenlinna
    Laura & Marius & CrossFit Fächerstadt
    Laura Hämäläinen & CrossFit Lahti
    CrossFit Kuopio
    CrossFit Korjaamo
    CrossFit Ilves 

    Pranama Kallio & Elisa Kuuttila Yoga
    Lasse Rantala & ATP Training
    Eevsku Training
    Ann&Ann Coaching 



    Matias & Linna Masters 
    Hannu & Lasse & Winter War

    Atte & Karjalan Kovin
    Benedict & German Throwdown 
    Hyvän mielen jumppapäivä & the ladies


    Company Cooperations

    Jussi Salonen & Goodio
    Hanna-Kaisa Raninen & Vahvaradio
    Turkka Koivisto & Nousu
    Sarianne Solio & Fedited
    Karita Tykkä - Rakkaudella Karita 
    Better & Saranda & Ani 
    Saranda Dedolli & Tee maailmasta parempi paikka
    Minska & Henna & Outi
    GUTsy Captain - kombucha


    Népra Community

    Népra Team
    Népra Fam
    All our customers and followers





    Fellow Entrepreneurs


    Other Important People

    Sara Heimolinna
    William Smith
    Tomi Vuorinen & Barstarzz Finland

    Tanna & Crea Iloa
    Aleksi & Moosterdenim
    Philipp Sauder



    We might have forgotten someone from the list but here are at least some highlights.

    At last, we would like to thank you who are reading this right now. Thank you for being there and following us. It’s priceless for us to have you there on the other side of the screen.



    Ama, Essi & Elsa 


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